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January 23, 2016

Results of the Cinemedicine2016

The results of this year's USLS COM FCM-1 Cinemedicine2016 have been revealed today. I couldn't have been prouder of the outputs of the students. Since 2012, first year med students of USLS College of Medicine would produce minifilms as part of their requirements under my class in Family and Community Medicine, and the films usually highlight the illness experience of the family and the patient and the role of the health care professional along the illness trajectory. This year I would say the FCM-1 set the bar higher producing high quality films.

Best Actress - Erica Aragon of Recall
Best Actor - Mark Senoron of Marked
Best Screenplay - Marked
Best Production - Marked
Best Editing - Recall
Best Film - Marked
Marked also got the highest online poll votes. MOre than 10,000 votes were casted this year online and Marked got at least 33% of the votes.

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