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January 23, 2016

"Health Is Not An Isolated Issue"

My work provides me with the opportunity to work with frontliners in the Philippine public health system. Being from the frontlines myself (former Doctor to the Barrios), a lot of lessons learned can be shared by those who are literally on the ground, insights which neither the academe can fully teach nor policy makers can fully understand. Lately I visited Looc, Romblon, the current Mayor and MUnicipal Health Officer were my former "students" under the Municipal Leadership and Governance Program of ZFF in collaboration with the University of Makati. They continued their partnership with ZFF under the "alumni program" which is officially known as the "Continuining Leadership in Health and Development Program". participants under the CLHDP discuss issues beyond health and would look at health challenges through different lenses of social determinants such as education and livelihood. Mayor Leila was generous enough with her time when I asked her if I could interview her for the youtube channel of CHPP (Community Health Partnership Program)as part of our advocacy work.

One of the highlights of her work as indicated in the interview is the multi-sectoral approach in health, involving all sectors of Looc to address health challenges because according to the Mayor, "Health is not an isolated issue" meaning it should not be left to health workers alone to confront the challenges. because the problems in health are multi-causal in nature. The complexity is very dynamic.

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