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August 7, 2015

#PUSO2019: Why The Philippines Should Host FIBA 2019 (Livestream)

UPDATE: China is the host for the FIBA World Cup 2019.

In a few minutes, the Philippine delegation, led by sports patron, philanthropist and businessman Manny Pangilingan, will make its bid to host the FIBA World Cup this 2019. The country's main competitor in the bid is China. Here's why I think the Philippines should host (again) the World Cup of Basketball:

1. Filipinos are crazy for basketball
No other race in the entire Universe is basketball-crazy more than the Filipinos. Since the Americans taught us how to play this sport, the Filipinos got hooked to the game. We never let go of it.

2. There is a basketball "court" in almost every street in the Philippines. Even in the most unexpected places you would see an improvised basketball ring with guys and even girls playing hoops. 

3. Even in the worse of times, Filipinos never stop playing basketball. It is definitely a national past-time. Need I even dare to venture and say a "national" sport?

4. The Philippines have produced basketball stars who, if given a chance, can even compete with stars from around the world.

5. We have more than just one basketball league being played by local and national basketball players: from PBA, UAAP, NCAA and don't even forget the thousands of "Mayor's Cups", "Barangay Leagues" "Inter-purok tournaments", etc.

6. Manny Pacquiao. Need I say more?

7. We hold the world record for longest game of basketball played

8. And we offer more than just world class basketball but world class Filipino hospitality

So I guess the Philippines and every basketball fan around the world deserve to enjoy FIBA World Cup 2019 in the Philippines.

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