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July 17, 2015

Public Health Campaign Videos

I currently teach Family and Community Medicine for the University of Saint La Salle College of Medicine and I handle the lecture on "History of Public Health". After discussing the milestones in public health both from a global and national perspective, I asked my first year med students if they are aware of existing Public health programs of the government. It then gave me an idea for their first project.

Divided into four groups, I asked them to come up with a video that would describe an existing Public Health Program of their choice. The idea is to have a one-shot video supposedly to highlight the process a patient would go through if they were to avail of the services under a specific health program.

Here are the four videos they sent. Hope you enjoy them:

Video on Family Planning

Video on HIV/AIDS

Video on Smoking Cessation

Video on Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care

Which of the four videos do you like?

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