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July 18, 2014

The Ruins of Talisay

     When you happen to visit Negros Occidental, you must not fail to drop by the Ruins of Talisay. The Ruins actually refer to the Lacson Mansion - or whatever is left of it - located in the middle of a vast sugarcane plantation in the city of Talisay. Talisay is just a few minutes north of Bacolod City which is the capital of the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines. From the airport, you can go straight to the Ruins via the Circumferential Road a.k.a. the airport road which connects Bacolod directly to Silay City where the airport is located.

     The mansion was built in the early 1900's and was built by Don Mariano Lacson for his first wife Maria Braga. The mansion is huge and the lumber used for its structure was so thick it took 3 days for the USAFFE and Filipino soldiers to burn the mansion. Of course, the walls were made of thick cement which could not be consumed by fire. They burned the mansion down during the 1940's to prevent the invading Japanese soldiers from using it as a military garrison or headquarters.

     In the late 2000, the descendants of Don Lacson decided to open it to the public and it has now become a tourist attraction in Negros Occidental. To enter the premises, you have to pay an entrance fee at the gates. There is a coffee shop, a restaurant and a tourist shop inside the vicinity. Free tour guides are available to guide you through the mansion. They are famous for introducing humor in their tours. The Ruins is also dubbed as Negros' Taj Mahal because the house was actually built by Don Mariano for his wife.

     There are numerous flights coming in and out of Bacolod City via the New Silay-Bacolod Airport. Bacolod City can also be accessible via ferry which docks at BREDCO port or via bus which will either end up at the North or South Terminals. It is highly recommended that any first timer in Negros should drop by and learn about Negrense's alta sociedad through the story of The Ruins.


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