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July 22, 2014

Siargao's Magpupungko Beach

    For those visiting Siargao Island, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is Surfing. Many would then go to Cloud Nine in General Luna, Siargao and catch a wave or learn how to surf. However, Siargao is not just about surfing. When I visited the island for the first time, I was brought to Pilar, a few minutes away from Del Carmen where the airport of Siargao is located. I was told that we would be going to Magpupungko Beach and that we should hurry so we could catch the low tide. My curiosity was peaked. I asked what we could find in the place and I was told to expect rock formations.

     Minutes later, we found ourselves walking along the sandy beach of Magpupungko. The low tide revealed the corals lining up the shoreline. Walking further out of the intertidal zone, I was then introduced to this amazing sight. The low tide revealed a geological formation which the beach is famous for. A huge rock sitting almost precariously on top of another. In fact, because of this rock formation, the beach was named Magpupungko which means "Sitting" or "To Sit". A few meters away, a small pool was naturally created by the low tide.

     The pool is actually a huge "hole" lined up by corals and rocks. As the ocean receded during the low tide, seawater gets trapped thus creating this pool of clear water for the kids and adults to enjoy. A huge rock would jut out of the water and naturally becomes a diving platform for everyone. A few fish and mollusks would also get trapped in this pool.

     To get to Siargao, one can get a plane from Cebu City. It usually has only one trip every day. There are many lodging places and hotels around the island. There is one bed and breakfast hotel a few meters away from the airport.

     When you visit Siargao, don't forget to drop by Pilar's Magpupungko Beach and Flatlands.

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