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June 10, 2014

Boracay Breeze Hotel

     Finding a good place to stay while in Boracay can be challenging, especially if you are in a tight budget. Fortunately, during my last vacation in Boracay, I was able to discover this small hotel which I find as a good cheap place to stay. Of course, finding a cheap but decent place to stay is important so at least you can spend your money elsewhere like food and other activities in this beautiful island of Boracay.

     Boracay Breeze Hotel is located in Station 1. That's right, station 1 where many of its accommodations are luxurious and expensive. Station 1 is the "high end" part of Boracay. The sands are whiter, the surf is clearer, the place is quieter I guess because many would be in Station 2 and even Station 3 where most of the restaurants and other affordable accommodations are located.

     I was able to book a room for 3 nights in Boracay Breeze Hotel only for 5,400 pesos! That's about 1,800 pesos for a room which can accommodate 3 persons with one child. The room is air-conditioned but not as spacious as one would expect. It has its own bathroom and enough cabinets to keep your stuff. It has its own TV with Cable and a small veranda.

     What I loved about Boracay Breeze Hotel is that it has free wi-fi and internet with a relatively good connection and free breakfast every day. You can choose between American or Pinoy breakfast. The Hotel has no elevator so you might need to bring your stuff up across the winding staircase right at the entrance of the hotel or you can have one of their very friendly staff do it for you.

     What I also loved about Boracay Breeze hotel is that the reception is accommodating even while on the phone. To be booked in Boracay Breeze Hotel, you would need to deposit 50% as down payment. Instructions will be sent to your email. The remaining 50% will be settled either through cash or credit card upon check out or any time during your stay in the hotel.

     It is quite far from the dock and you will need a tricycle (which can charge you 125-130 pesos one way) to bring you to the Hotel. It is right beside the Church (Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Church). It is a 3-minute walk going to the beach front. A few meters away there is a small grocer (Papa's Boracay) where you can buy some stuff like bottled water or chips.

     I would recommend Boracay Breeze Hotel especially for those backpackers who would want to save on accommodation so you would have enough to spend on Helmet Diving, Parasailing and other fun water and land activities in Boracay.

     You can access their contact details in their website:

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