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May 12, 2014

The Types Of Residents: Get To Know Them

      By now, medical interns and clerks everywhere have already gotten to know the kind of residents they have encountered during their rotation in the hospital. Believe me, it is important to know the types of personalities of these residents so you would need to know how to handle one. 

Resident No. 1: The Power-Tripper. 
     Ego-trippers, dictators, Hitler of the Wards. These are just the names you can call a power tripping resident. He or she does nothing except make your life miserable. They give orders because, well for the heck of it. Power tripping residents can be a pain in the arse. You really can't do anything about them except bear the burden of their egos. Toxicity level: 9/10. 

Resident No. 2: The Bull

     Whether it is morning, noon or night, this type of resident is always fuming mad. They always look mad. They always talk mad. Heck, they are always mad! Most often for no reason at all. They are mad at you, mad at the nurses, mad at the patients, mad at the folks. It's nothing personal really. They are just mad. Stay clear of The Bulls especially during their peak season. A menstruating female resident and The Bull personality...well, it's a bad combination. Avoid eye contact. Toxicity level: 9.5/10.

Resident No. 3: The Coolest. 

     Panic is not in their vocabulary. Whether it is a madhouse-emergency room or a toxic ICU, The Coolest residents are just that: cool as ice. They walk the ward in almost a Zen-like trance. Surrounded by chaos, they have the ability to retain their composure which sometimes can be misinterpreted as indifference. If you are a toxic intern, you are best partnered with a relaxed resident. Find comfort in their presence. From time to time, you may want to create a sense of urgency if you are with this type of resident. Toxicity level: 3/10 unless you are an OC intern which makes it 8/10. 

Resident No. 4: The Demigods

     Whatever they do, they are always the object of fascination and adoration. These are the walking celebrities in the hospital, the incarnation of perfection. The Demigod resident is the envy of his or her fellow residents and the subject of admiration of the interns and even the rest of the staff. Difficult. I.V. Insertion? Call the Dr. Demigod. Entubating a patient? Let the demigod Doctor do that for you. Stay close. Observe how they do it. Perhaps some of their divine qualities may rub into you sooner than later.  The only problem with demigods is that they are also pacesetters and there is a tendency for them to compare themselves with interns as their standards of measurement. Toxicity level: 5/10.

Resident no. 5: The Stupidifying Resident

     Before them nothing that comes out of your mouth can be anything but stupid. These are the residents who think that their interns are as dumb as a rock. And they always make sure to show their disgust. Even if you are correct, they will always make you doubt with just a lift of an eyebrow or a twist of the upper lip with matching upward rolling of eyeballs. They can decrease one's level of confidence and they work best with a Power tripping resident. Make sure to put extra effort in studying if you have residents like this. Toxicity level: 7/10. 

Resident No. 6: The Introverts
     They love to be alone, whether in front of their computer or in the resident's quarters. They prefer to be all by themselves. They are sometimes detached and they seem to not care whether or not you are there. They spend most of their time studying. They tend to be more alive if with fellow residents. It can be very hard working a night shift with this kind of resident. Expect not getting any feedback or input from the introverts. The upside: you get to have a more laxed supervision during your duty from them. Toxicity level: 3/10. 

Resident No. 7: The Master Jedis
     Need a mentor? This is the type of resident that you need. Not only can they teach you the clinical skills and knowledge, they tend to be more sympathetic and empathic with the interns and clerks and with the rest of the staff. They are usually smart and a number of them are silent workers. They seemed to be underappreciated sometimes. You will have a greater chance of developing an authentic friendship with this kind of resident. Whether or not the shift is heavy and toxic doesn't really matter anymore. Toxicity level: 2/10. 

Your residents can make or break your entire internship or clerkship experience in the hospital. It pays to know them so you will have a better chance of surviving the insane life of the lowest animal in the medical kingdom.

Good luck!

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