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April 17, 2014

Island Hopping to Masbate

It was my first time to travel to Masbate City via Legazpi. I was originally scheduled to take the early morning flight direct from Manila to Masbate but the flights then were fully booked. Since it was imperative that I should be in Masbate city, I decided to do the more "scenic route" and island hop from Bicol to the Rodeo City. 

After taking the morning flight from Manila to Legazpi via Philppine airlines, I immediately rushed from Legazpi airport to CHD V office where my transportation was waiting. I was to join the staff of CHD V in crossing to Masbate City. To catch the ferry to Masbate City, one must travel to Pilar, Sorsogon either via a shuttle or a bus. Travel time is about 1 hour. 

Upon arriving at the port of Pilar, one must wait for ticket booth to open and buy the fast-selling ticket to Masbate. Depending on the type of ferry, a ticket to Masbate City can cost around 400 pesos. Since I was unable to catch the 12noon trip, I had to wait with the CHD V staff for the 3:30pm trip, the last trip of the fast craft from Pilar to Masbate. 

It takes around 2 1/2 - 3 hours to cross to Masbate city from Pilar. It was good thing that the weather was beautiful. We boarded our ferry at around 3pm and arrived in Masbate City port at around 6 pm. It was already dark when I arrived in Rodeo city but I promised myself that I should come back soon to see the sights and experience the Pinoy version of rodeo and cowboys. 

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