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February 11, 2014

Romantic Venice

      I never thought that in my whole lifetime I could get to visit a place such as Venice, a place I used to just read in books or see on television. The first time I stepped foot on Venice, I could not help but feel giddy about the whole experience. Venice, the city of gondolas, gondoliers, bridges and yes, romance. Some would say, Paris is the City of Love, but when I was in Venice, I could not help but fall in love with the city, its meandering streets, food and people.   If you happen to be in Europe or in Italy specifically, find time to visit Venice. Venice has an international airport where you can fly in and out to any destination you want. Transportation is also not difficult.

     Venice used to be a Republic in itself and during its glory days was actually a seat of influence in the Mediterranean region. Going around the City built over canals, one cannot help but notice the historic and beautiful architecture, many dating back from the Renaissance period.

     You have two options in traveling around Venice: one can walk around which can take a while or one can get on a water taxi to move much faster. My personal suggestion is to walk around. It is not only cheaper but at the same time one can discover nooks and corners that can actually reveal surprises such as an affordable restaurant or a historic church worthy of snapshots.

     Of course, there is no stopping one from taking the water taxi, or better yet taking the gondola. Gondolas can be very expensive and it is best to hire a gondola if you are traveling as a group so you can split the money (which is usually around 70 to 100 euros per gondola).

     The center of gravity of Venice is at the Piazza San Marco where the Church of St. Mark is located. According to historical accounts, this is where the body of St. Mark the apostle was actually entombed. The Church (or the Basilica of St. Mark) is right beside the Doge's Palace.

    Imposing over the entire square is St. Mark's bell tower. Flocks of pigeons would also scatter around the square waiting for tourists to feed them.

     Walking with your loved one or partner through the streets of Venice can definitely heighten the romantic mood to another level. Stopping over bridges to steal a quick kiss, watching the sunset over the Grand Canal, having conversations over a warm cup of cappuccino while watching the rest of the world pass you by can be a good recipe for a romantic date especially this Valentine's Day.


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