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February 20, 2014

Doctor to the Barrio

     It has been 7 years since I decided to become a doctor to the barrio. Since then, the journey has been a roller coaster ride for both me and my family. I have met so many people, learned so many lessons most especially from those I least expected. It was a tough experience for me but given the choice, I would still choose to take the same path. I was reminded by my own journey as a DTTB when I got invited to talk to medical students from the University of the Philippines (College of Medicine) during their Vocations Fair. I think I was the only non-UP alumnus sitting in the panel. When I was in medical school I never had the opportunity to sit down and listen to people from Public Health sharing their insights and stories about their experience.

     I hope that the medical students will realize that choosing to go Public Health is the norm and not the alternative.

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