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December 19, 2013

Cinemedicine 2014: Medicine In The Movies

     In keeping up with my personal tradition, I am now launching the Cinemedicine 2014. Cinemedicine is a collection of amateur films produced by medical students of the University of Saint La Salle College of Medicine under my Family and Community Medicine class. This is actually an offshoot of the tradition I also started with my pre-med students (Cinemanatomy).

     The rules and criteria for the Cinemedicine 2014 have already been posted:

1. Each group must portray the impact of a specific illness or medical condition in a story. The group must show the impact of the illness or medical condition not only to the patient but to his/her immediate family.

2. The movie must run for 10 minutes only, excluding opening and closing credits. One point will be deducted for every 30-second excess. 

3. The group can use any language for as long as the movie must be subtitled in English. Failure to include subtitles in English would incur a 5-point deduction from the score.

4. Criteria for Judging: Originality - 30%, Application of Theories and Concepts - 30%, Story Concept - 15%, Over-all Production (Cinematography, Editing, Sound Quality) - 15%, Online Poll - 10%.

5. Entries are to be uploaded either via Youtube or Vimeo (embeddable) on or before January 6, 2014 3:00pm. Strictly no extension of deadline. A soft copy must also be submitted at a later date (to be announced). Failure to submit on time will earn a deduction of 10 points from the score.

6. Online viewers will be made to vote using an official poll to be put up on a website. The following is the distribution of points: 1st place in the poll count - 10 points, 2nd place - 8 points, 3rd place - 6 points, 4th, 5th and 6th place - 5 points.

7. For the first time, special citation for the Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Director will be given out. Special prizes await the winners.

8. The top team (first place) will earn an exemption from the exam.

9. Grades earned by the students will be transmuted from the actual average scores. 

     To view last year's entries to the Cinemedicine 2013, just click here.


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