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November 29, 2013

Images Of Despair, Strength and Hope: Days After Super Typhoon Haiyan

     It is different when one goes on the ground to see the destruction first hand. The images projected on TV cannot totally describe what one would see in the areas severely hit by Super Typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda).

    What lacunae words create in the attempt to describe the misery and devastation, still pictures persevere to fill, memories to be frozen in posterity.

       Life goes on as this woman deals with usual chores inside her destroyed house

Mothers bringing their children to school for the first time since 'Haiyan' wrecked havoc in their town.

The old church in Dao was not spared by the wrath of 'Haiyan'. 
The altar though is miraculously intact. 
People lost not only their homes but their source of livelihood, their investments 
and even their loved ones
In moments like this, it is the vulnerable sector of society that suffer the most:
the women, children and elderly.
A father holds his child in front of what was supposedly left of their house 
after being destroyed by 'Haiyan'
Survivors patiently wait as boxes of relief goods are unloaded by volunteers for distribution.
Making sure that mothers and their babies are protected, health workers endure the hardships
as they continue providing health care services in the midst of dwindling resources.
A woman expresses her joy as she receives a relief pack from barangay officials: 
enough goods that would ensure her food and water for the next 5 days.
Nothing can stop these young people from playing their favorite sport
 inside a damaged covered court
Even in the most trying of times, Filipinos still cling to their faith, 
a source of resilience and strength. 
(Pictures featured in this blog were taken by the blogger and Mr. Revoli Cortez  for Zuellig Family Foundation)
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