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October 8, 2013

Masskara Day 8: Bacolod's Sweets

     Bacolod City is not the Sugar Capital of the Philippines for nothing. Besides being the capital city of Negros Occidental where acres and acres of sugarcane plantations are a familiar sight, Bacolodnons are very popular for their sweet tooth. Bacolod City is a diabetic's worse nightmare.

     Almost every food in Bacolod is sweet. Of course, Bacolod's Cafe Bob's offers a variety of choice for cakes and sweet pastries. Cafe Bob's is an original Bacolodnon landmark. One of its more familiar branches is located along Lacson street. Cafe Bob's has become a favorite spot for young professionals and students to hang out either after school or during weekends.

     Cafe Bob's however offers more than just cakes and pastries. Of course, Cafe Bob's is originally a coffee shop and long before Starbucks came to Bacolod, the locals already are accustomed to the familiar taste and scent of Cafe Bob's coffee. Cafe Bob's also offers pizza cooked in a brick oven. For those looking for some chilled delights, Cafe Bob's has some gelato ice cream you can enjoy.

     This Masskara Festival, Cafe Bob's is strategically located along Lacson where the evening revelries of the festival will be held. If you are a first-timer in Bacolod City, you won't have a difficult way of finding Cafe Bob's.

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