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April 13, 2013

Follow The Lava-Coated Road to Mayon Volcano

It was my second time to visit Legazpi City, the capital city of the province of Albay. And I enjoyed it very much. This is because it was also my first time to drive an all-terrain vehicle along the so-called Lava Trail of Mt. Mayon. Mayon is an active volcano, famous for its nearly-perfect cone. I have never driven a motorbike before so I was kinda wary of driving an ATV. "It's just like driving a bump car," one of the guys at Bicol Adventure told us.

Well it does look like driving a bump car but it sure was kinda uneasy at first. We practiced driving the ATV's at Bicol Adventure grounds first before heading for our Lava Trail. Once we were getting the hang of it, we immediately lined up to head to the Lava Bed.

The Lava trail is a mix of different terrains, designed for an ATV beginner. It has river trails, quarry trail, dirt roads and even  a 1-km jungle trail. It ends right at the Lava head where a helipad was constructed right on top of volcanic rocks and dried up lava. Seeing Mt. Mayon itself is already a breathtaking experience. Driving an ATV with Mayon as the backdrop is such a thrill.

When we reached the Lava head, we went up the helipad, grabbing on some volcanic rocks. Upon reaching the helipad, the view of Mt. Mayon was even more exhilarating. The lava bed is actually the remnants of the lava flow which ran down Mayon's crater during its recent eruption in 2006. The helipad was constructed right at the very head of the lava flow.

After a few minutes of taking pictures at the helipad, we went back to our camp tired but happy for having done such an amazing adventure.

A small ATV can cost about 1,500 pesos. Depending on the choice of trail and size of ATV, it can be as expensive as 5,000 pesos. The price already includes a tour guide who takes pictures and leads the group along the trail. If you happen to be in Legazpi City in Albay, I highly recommend doing this with friends or even family. Just don't forget to bring water and put on some sunblock.

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