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March 21, 2013

How To Summer-Proof Your Health

For many, summer is that time of the year when everyone's expected to enjoy the sun, the beach and the long school breaks. It is also during summertime when most family reunions are held and barkada road trips are organized. You don't want to spend your summer sick in bed, so here are some practical tips on how to enjoy the long summer break.

1. HydrateHydrate. Hydrate. It cannot be overemphasized that summer is a hot season. Here in the Philippines, our summer is usually hot and humid, and climate change seems to be making our summertime more hot and more humid than usual. With this kind of weather, do not forget to always bring a bottle of drinking water with you whenever you go out. People can suffer from heat stroke due to prolonged exposure to the sun without replacing lost fluids. 

2. Be physically active. Summer is a good opportunity to do a lot of physical outdoor activities. A good physical activity facilitates good blood circulation in the body. There are many activities you can do, like jogging, cycling and hiking to name a few. 

3Apply sunblock. The sun can be a good friend and, at the same time, a bad enemy during the summer. Before heading to the beach or going outdoors, don't forget to apply sunblock. Before buying a sunblock lotion, check its sun protection factor or SPF first. It is usually recommended to use a sunblock with at least a minimum SPF of 50. Long and unprotected exposure to the sun can eventually lead to sunburn, which is very painful, and could possibly lead to skin cancer. 

4. Watch your diet. The long school breaks and summer vacations are opportunities for family and friends to gather for family reunions or heavy picnics at the beach or park, so better watch your diet. It is also a good season for most tropical fruits, such as pineapples, bananas and mangoes. Don't forget to add these delicious fruits in your summer diet. 

Also, be sure to cook your food well during the summer. Foodborne diseases are usually common during this time of the year. 

5. Take your vacation seriously. - It's summer, the perfect time to avoid stress. As much as possible, schedule a weeklong vacation with family or friends. Too much stress can be physically and mentally harmful. Try to immerse yourself in relaxation activities, such as spas and going to the beach. Or you might want to try a "technology detox" -- that's spending time away from your hi-tech gadgets, such as smartphones or tablets. 

6. Be Safe. Because summer is a physically active season, people can be prone to accidents, whether minor or major. A cut or puncture wound in the skin, if left unattended, may lead to infection. Prevention is the key, as always, so try to avoid any injuries whenever you travel. When injured, be sure to wash the wound well with running soap and water, then apply antiseptic over the wound. 

7. Use a moisturizer. Due to extreme heat and humidity, the skin can lose moisture, making it more prone to skin diseases. Aside from putting on some sunblock every time you go out, you should also apply a skin moisturizer. Usually, inflammation on the skin is due to a reaction to chemicals, especially from the water in swimming pools. Visit a dermatologist right away for any unusual inflammation on your skin.

Summer can be fun, especially when you are physically fit and healthy to enjoy it with family and friends. Try to take these tips to heart so you can have a grand summer vacation ahead!

This article was originally written for Xpert.Ph. Read the article here

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chemist2writer said...

Your tips are really helpful. I love the pic of the lady on the horizontal coconut tree! :) I would follow these tips, especially eating right for summer. The watermelon looks really delicious and juicy.

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