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October 19, 2012

Ten Ways To Enjoy Bacolod's Masskara Festival

You might be a first-timer when it comes to Masskara Festival, the City of Smiles' Grand Fiesta and the Philippines' Party of the Year. Perhaps it is also your first time to visit Bacolod City, perhaps the rising City in Central Philippines. Here are some tips which can help you celebrate the Masskara Festival:

Tip No. 1: Plan Your Itinerary - There are so much happening in Bacolod City when it's Masskara Festival. Be sure you get hold of a copy of all the events especially during the weekend celebration. Every mall, every restaurant, every bar, every street corner has some thing going on and it lasts from sun-up to sundown. You can visit the City Tourism Office or download a copy of the schedule here.

Tip No. 2: Charge Your Batteries - If you are a photo-bug, then it's time to load your cameras with fully-charged batteries and reserve a lot of spares in your backpacks. There will be so much color and motion that you might not know where to begin. Best advice, just aim and shoot. Chances are you will get plenty of pictures worthy of being uploaded in your facebook or instagram.

Tip No. 3: Wear Comfortable Shoes - You can wear slippers but since you might want to walk the entire length of Lacson Street during the nocturnal Street Party, a pair of comfortable tennis shoes would be best. You can drive around the city if you have a car but the streets will be so jammed with parades and revelers that you might just want to walk. Avoid Lacson Street, Rizal Street and Araneta Street should you insist on driving.

Tip No. 4: Kiss Your Diet Plans Goodbye - Those who are on a diet shall find themselves out of place if they will be in Bacolod this time of the year so the best way to spend your time here is to forget your diet plans. Eat, eat and eat! Start with the famous Chicken Inasal in Manokan Country near SM Bacolod City. The place will be packed so be there early or schedule your meal time if you plan of eating there. Of course, Chicken Deli along Lacson Street will be a good alternative.

Tip No. 5: Go Bar Hopping - Bacolodnons are popular for their night life. Spend the Masskara nights bar hopping. Bars like Dugout can provide great venue for entertainment, dancing and meeting random party-goers and locals who can give you more tips on how to celebrate Masskara Festival.

Tip No. 6: Go Party-Site Hopping - There are three major venues for the party in Bacolod: Lacson Street, the Bacolod Public Plaza and the New Government Center. Lacson Street is closer to Bacolod Public Plaza. The New Government Center is located near Lopue's East along the Circumferential Road. The main venue is at the Bacolod Public Plaza where the Masskara Dance Competition will be held there.

Tip No. 7: Wear The Mask - You just can't go around the city not wearing the Mask. Buy one and wear a mask while you go from place to place. There will be a variety of masks being sold in almost every corner of the city. Some are great for wearing. Some are great for decorations.

Tip No. 8: Dance, Dance, Dance - Masskara Festival uses upbeat music which will definitely make you gyrate to every rhythm. If you see a group of dancers getting wild in choreographed fashion, get rid of the shyness and dance with them. It's Masskara! Everybody should be dancing.

Tip No. 9: Don't forget your H20 - Always bring with you a bottle of cold water. October is usually a rainy month for Bacolod but most often, during the Masskara Days, it can be hot. And with many tourists walking on the streets, it can be very dehydrating. Hydrate yourself from time to time.

Tip No. 10: Tell The World How Much Fun You Are Having - Tweet your every move. Update your FB statuses regularly. Upload pictures in your instagram. Let your friends who are not with you squirm with envy because you are at the greatest party the Philippines has to offer.

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