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October 9, 2012

En Barcelona

One of the most unforgettable trips I spent in Spain was my brief day tour of Barcelona. When I was young, I have always dreamed of going to Spain. While working onboard a cruise ship, I was able to learn basic Spanish through constant conversations with Spanish-speaking friends. When our cruise ship crossed the Atlantic Ocean, one of its ports was the port of Barcelona. The ship arrived very early in the morning so as soon as the ship docked, we went off and spent the early morning wandering around the city of Barcelona.

Of course, since it was early morning, we had to find a place where we could grab some breakfast. However, the first stop we really had in mind was to visit the famous Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia. Along the way, we had to take a picture of ourselves with the statue of Christopher Columbus.

We took a cab to the Sagrada Familia and as soon as we arrived there we were greeted by this almost-amazing view of the Church's facade. Almost-amazing because the scaffolding was basically obstructing our view. The church at that time seemed to be undergoing some renovation. After all, the church has yet to be finished.

After taking some pictures, we walked around the area and found a place were we could grab some grub.

After breakfast, we went around Barcelona, finding our way back to the Bus Stop where a bus would bring us back to the port. One of the places we dropped by was the Arc de Triomf. The Arc was built in 1888 for the World Exposition held in Barcelona.

Of course, buying souvenirs is a must not to mention visiting parks and other public places in Barcelona. Among the more popular places is La Rambla street.

Barcelona is definitely one of those beautiful cities that I have visited. A great mix of the modern and the old, preserving the Catalonian culture within the stretch of modernity.

I would love to go back to Barcelona and spend more time. I have always dreamed of watching an actual Bullfight. Maybe in my next trip to Spain, hopefully in the not-so-far future.

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