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August 12, 2012

The Filipino "Upper Lip": Snapshots of the Philippine Floods

Last week, the Philippines was hit with yet again another disastrous calamity. There was no typhoon within the vicinity of the Philippines but Metro Manila and nearby provinces were hit by rising flood waters. It was almost "Ondoy" for many. "Ondoy" was the local name of a typhoon that struck the region a few years back and caused so much damage due to heavy rains and flooding. The heavy rains last week was due to the monsoon made more severe by a distant typhoon names Haikui.

I was in Manila when the flood waters struck and I saw first hand how a seemingly innocent downpour can create such havoc. Almost every highway and avenue in the metropolis was underwater. Residences near the main rivers traversing through the Metro experienced the worst.

But Filipinos are known for our resilience and once again we displayed this character for the world to see. As a tribute to the Filipino resilience and the bravery of the rescuers and the generosity of nameless people who helped, here are some pictures that would highlight what I feel is the best in Filipinos. Credit goes to the rightful owners of these snapshots.

For better or for worse. According to the bride, this was truly a memorable and special wedding.

No flood can stop these kids from going to their school which probably was made into an evacuation center for flood victims

Fleeing their homes, these two young ladies get a ride on makeshift rafts

Rescuers brave the heavy rains and the deep floods as they went from one village to another rescuing families trapped by the flood

Kids will be kids and they found a way to enjoy the flood with their home-made surfboards

For most Filipino families, the dog and the Sto. Nino (Child Jesus) are part of the family, too. A touching display of faith and compassion

A picture of a man braving the flood and carrying a piece of his home which appears to resemble a cross, symbolically depicting the ordinary Juan de la Cruz struggling to survive the onslaught of the flood

Avoiding the deep flood, this young kid seems to be enjoying this makeshift "zipline"

(pictures are taken from the world wide web)

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ana karen Banhag said...

i love the photos --- because they tell so many stories... and they just show the resilience of the filipinos and how they keep their spirit alive no matter the circumstances... 

Pepper Tan said...

I couldn't get enough of that married couple kissing.  That's so sweet!  That's the ultimate display of love, I guess :)
Yes, we Filipinos manage to stay afloat despite harrowing circumstances.  We pull ourselves up and survive.

Gemma| My Dailies said...

I love your compilation of pics! Kakabilib talaga mga pinoy.. sa New Orleans dati, 2 years na nakaraan ung hurricane pa din sinisisi nila.. sa pinoy, ang bilis mag move on!

Shirgie Scf said...

Filipinos have their own special way of turning things positive

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