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August 18, 2012

Habagat Nights In Boracay

The Southwest Monsoon season means only one thing for Boracay: off peak. It's the time of the year when hotels and accommodation in Boracay Island are cheapest, buffet lines are shortest and the beach strip is less crowded than ever. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the Habagat days and nights in Boracay. It usually begins in the month of June and then ends sometime November. Peak season begins in December until May.

I luckily found myself spending one night in Boracay when I had to conduct a cluster meeting of health leaders coming from Romblon and Capiz. Since the most convenient location to conduct the meeting was in Boracay Island, we converged on the island and discussed concerns about public health issues. I was there with a team at least an afternoon before the meeting so we had time to scout the area for a meeting venue and even dip in the famous Boracay blue waters.

We stayed at Boracay Courtyard which is a much cheaper version of La Carmela de Boracay. It is right at the doorstep of D' talipapa where you can buy cheap shirts and other souvenir items. It is a short walking-distance to the beach front. One semi-deluxe room (good for two persons) is only around 1,200 pesos during the off-peak season. It comes with a complimentary breakfast at La Carmela De Boracay and a free swim in their small pool.

Since I had to maximize my short stay in Boracay, after dinner, I walked along the beach strip to take some snapshots of Boracay at night.

Of course, Boracay at night would mean buffets on the beach, fire dancing as entertainment and booze and babes.

Despite the off-peak season, Boracay still didn't run out of tourists. I prefer it this way since the beach wasn't crowded. Hoping I could find more time next time while I am in Boracay for a much-deserved break.

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