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August 10, 2012

Going Medieval In Olde Hansa

During an overnight stay in Estonia, one of the places my friends and I visited was Olde Hansa. Olde Hansa is a medieval-inspired restaurant right in the middle of the Old Town in Talinn. The place was built and named in honor of the Hanseatic League. Upon entering the place, I couldn't help but feel like I was entering a hobbit's pub just like in the Lord of the Rings movie. It was really like stepping inside a time machine and going back to the days of old when knights roam the countryside rescuing damsels in distress.

We were ushered in by a beautiful maiden who gave us our seats and our menus to choose from. The list was also very medieval. The list included Divine leg of pork with beer syrup, "Pepper Bag" fillet mignon and Braised sauerkraut with meat. There are other specialties like the grand leg of duck in saffron sauce and smoke-grilled salmon with salmon eggs.

Of course, there is a variety of drinks that could satisfy a thirsty serf. There is dark honey beer, cinnamon beer and schnappses.

The place was packed with tourists and locals wanting to get a feel of medieval Scandinavia. Across the room is an access door to the other portion of Olde Hansa: store filled with souvenirs for tourists to bring home. Meanwhile, outside the Olde Hansa, an occasional jovial parade would play leading more tourists into the place.

When eating in Olde Hansa, one must be aware that prices are in Kroon although you can pay in Euros. You will however get your change in Kroon. Make sure that if you are paying in euros you have to inform them before hand and always check if they are converting it accurately.

Water is not free and you may have to pay extra for a glass of water.

Of course, more than just the gastronomic feast, it was really an opportunity for friends to just talk and banter. It was really a fun experience in Olde Hansa. As the say during medieval times, the trip to Olde Hansa was 'tis most splended'.

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Angie Vianzon said...

Wow! Such a nice place and the food serving is huge.


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