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August 26, 2012

DeParis Restaurant in Boracay

Looking for a nice restaurant to eat in Boracay under a tight budget can be a challenge, especially if it's the peak season. During the off-peak season however, a lot of things in Boracay can be quite cheap. However, I place called DeParis in Boracay remains affordable throughout the year. DeParis is located at the Beach Front of Boracay, right at the center of Station 2 just close to the entrance of D'Mall. It is a hotel and a restaurant which caters to tourists who are traveling on a shoestring budget.

When I was in Boracay recently I was able to discover this place while looking for a place to eat. Having arrived in Boracay after island-hopping from Leyte to Caticlan, I thought that I deserve a good meal without tearing apart my wallet.

DeParis looked attractive at this aspect considering that they have a 250-pesos worth of "budget meals". This "budget-meal" is composed of a vegetable soup, a main course of your choice and a dessert, all for 250 pesos.

Choices for your main dish would include a sashimi meal, served with rice already, a Pizza meal or even a Thai Meal. I was feeling Italian that day so I ordered a plate of spaghetti.

It wasn't any ordinary spaghetti though. It was seafood spaghetti, my first to ever taste one. I am kind of picky when it comes to my pasta and I was surprised that I kind of liked the seafood spaghetti.

For dessert, I chose the chocolate crepe which was really good because it was still warm.

There wasn't any much people during that time of the day so I had the place all to myself. DeParis would also have dinner buffets for as low as 300+ pesos. I knew that there were other cheaper buffet lines so I had to skip DeParis for dinner that night.

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