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August 9, 2012

Backpacking in Zamboanga Day Two

On the second day of our whirlwind trip in Zamboanga Peninsula, we had early breakfast at the Municipal cafeteria of Gutalac and proceeded immediately to the Rural health Unit. It was already 8:30am when we visited the RHU and the place was already busy with patients. We were able to meet two mothers in the RHU, one gave birth the night before, the other was about to give birth. As far as I can remember, it was the first time that the first mother delivered her baby in the facility and it was a good choice. She was multiparous. For the second mother, it was her first pregnancy and she looked excited and anxious as well. She was already in active labor when we came. We were able to converse with them and with their family members.

By 9am, we proceeded to the Sanggunian Hall where we conducted the maternal death review of Gutalac with the Mayor being the lead facilitator. It was well attended by the councilors, health staff and other department heads particularly the DSWD. It was a productive discussion and certain arrangements were agreed upon to prevent another maternal death in the remaining months.

After the meeting, we attended the turn-over of the newly constructed health facility and after a quick lunch we went our way back to Liloy where we would spend the night in a hotel.

We decided to hire a motorcycle to bring us to Liloy from Gutalac.

A barangay captain was able to drive us to Liloy but somewhere outside of Labason, our bike got a flat tire. It was a good thing that we were able to stop near a vulcanizing shop. It took us an hour and a half before we rode once again the dirt path going to Liloy.

While in Liloy, we stayed in WaterMark Hotel. It is a very decent and affordable hotel. I was able to get a deluxe room for less than 700 pesos. It included a hot shower, Cable TV, air-conditioning and a queen-size bed. Even the menu is so cheap one can either call room service or have their meals in the restaurant near the lobby and enjoy the free wi-fi as well.

Watermark hotel is near the Bus Terminal. Day 2 ended with a nice hot shower and a long cozy sleep.

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