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July 24, 2012

Swimming With Dolphins In Chankanaab

One of the many activities while I was in Cozumel, Mexico was visiting the Chankanaab National Park. The park is considered a conservation area for fauna and flora after being decreed a national park in the year 1980. It is located south of Cozumel just along the coast line. You can either take a cab or rent a car. Upon entering the Park, you get to choose which activity would you want to do. I chose the Dolphin Royal Swim package. The Dolphin Royal Swim entitles you to swim with not just one but two dolphins! It includes the famous foot push, where two dolphins will raise you up the water surface by pushing you from the bottom of your feet.

It also includes the dorsal tow, a ride along the Caribbean Sea while you hold on to the dorsal fins. In addition, you will also receive a kiss, a hug, a handshake and you will be able to enjoy some free time with them in the water. It was my first time to be with a dolphin and I was very excited.

Together with a group of tourists we went inside a small room for some orientation before going to one of the pools in the Park's dolphinarium. We were also given life jackets. After the instructions,we were led to the pool, went in and waited for our two dolphins.As soon as these beautiful animals went in together with their trainer, I was ecstatic.

We touched their bellies, "carried" them, kissed them, hugged them, shook their flippers and of course got dragged along the water while holding on to their fins. My favorite was the "Superman" stunt or the foot push.

You are not allowed to bring you camera with you but there are photographers who would take your picture. After the swim with the dolphins you could actually get to see your pictures in the souvenir shops where you could buy copies of them.

As a bonus, we were led to a pool where a huge manatee was lazily swimming around. It was my first time to touch a manatee.

Of course, Chankanaab is more than just a marine park. The place also features a Mayan-inspired park and a mini-zoo.

To get to Chankanaab is easy if you are docking directly in Cozumel. If you are coming in from Cancun, you can actually get a ferry ride at Playa del Carmen.

Reservations can be made in the official website of Chankanaab.

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