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July 27, 2012

Museo Del Vino De Mijas

     I have visited many museums but perhaps this is one museum that I have quite enjoyed visiting. It is the Wine Museum in Mijas, Spain. Part of the tour of Mijas in Malaga was a quick visit in the Museo del Vino. Located just in the middle of the historic town of Mijas, the museum offers a journey through the history and the culture of the wine of the distinctive province of Malaga. Well, I wasn't there really to learn the culture and history more than to taste the variety of Spanish wines.

     A professional oenologist demonstrated to us how wine is tested and then without any further delay poured various wines to taste. The wine list includes cavas, noble wines, table wines, reds and roses. Inside the small museum is a place where guests can order gourmet food and their choice of wine and dine.

     I later found out that the museum is open for wine tasting events and other cultural events a group would sponsor. I would have wanted to buy at least a bottle of authentic Spanish wine but I was too scared I might break the bottle during my travels back home. It became my greatest regret actually.

     It was definitely a fun moment for the group. I must admit I was a bit tipsy after visiting that museum. Now who say's you can't mix learning and having fun?

     It is highly recommended that you get a tour guide to walk you around Mijas and lead you to the Museum. Of course, you can always venture out on our own. Good luck!

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Jam Daquio said...

delicioso, mi amor! :) I am more a lover of white wines than the red one. :)

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