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July 3, 2012

Moves Like Jagger: Party Rocking Students!

2012 marks the 10th year since the first Medical School in the island of Negros opened. The University of Saint La Salle opened a medical school in June 10 of 2002 with 44 freshmen students. It had its first batch of graduates in 2006. Its first graduates took the Board exams in 2007. Currently, all those who took the board exams of 2007 are now licensed medical doctors working in various areas and places. Many are specialists. Many are also in public health.

This school year, the USLS College of Medicine has grown big with around 80 medical students now enrolled as freshmen, a 100% jump from last year's freshmen enrollment. Traditionally, as started 10 years ago by the pioneer batch, the college of medicine would hold its annual Acquaintance party. For 2012, the second year medical students, who are the major hosts and sponsor for the party, held the acquaintance party at the Planta Hotel in Bacolod City. Entitled, "Party Rock", the theme of the Acquaintance party was Rock 'n Roll.

Both Faculty and students went all out during the party, led by no less than the Dean of the College of Medicine himself, dressed in a Mick Jagger inspired rock outfit.

The night was filled with music, fun and dancing. Everyone was partying like a rock star.

There was even a fashion show held during the Acquaintance party with the students and teachers acting as models.

Of course, it wouldn't be a party if there was no parlor game like the classic "Kiss and Suck".

It was definitely a fun night, a well deserved night, especially for hardworking students such as the medical students. To the freshmen of the USLS College of Medicine, welcome to the madhouse!

Thanks to Karina Salvador for the pictures featured in this blog.

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2 violent reactions. React Here.:

Angie Vianzon said...

Looks like everyone had a blast. 

Jeffrey Rilles said...

cute nung kissing photo! nakaisip tuloy aq ng game sa next mant activity namin jejeje

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