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July 14, 2012

The King Is Dead, Long Live Comedy!

I belong to the Home Along Da Riles Generation. Every Thursday, I would always look forward to watching the most watched TV comedy series of the 90's. Dolphy, Nova Villa and the rest of the cast of Home Along were more than just hilarious. Home Along was a household word. No comedy series has perhaps surpassed Home Along da Riles. It was after all a multi-awarded show in the 1990's. The humor was different. It was a bit slapstick but it wasn't "trying hard". It was very conservative. No innuendos. Just plain humor.

Now, Dolphy, the King of Comedy is dead. No comedian can ever replace the "king". He is now a legend. And I am honored to have been part of that generation who laughed and cried with Dolphy.

Rest in peace, King of Comedy.

Here's one episode from the classic Home Along Da Riles

Here's a funny scene with Dolphy

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