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June 30, 2012

Inequities In The Health System

I found myself in yet another familiar territory this morning when I came back to the University of Saint La Salle in the College of Medicine to give my lecture on Public Health (First year students) and Implementing Health Programs (Third Year students). While the topics were all about the history of public health and how to implement health programs, I could not help but also highlight the inequities in health.

Discussing the health inequities can be lengthy and for non-health professionals it can even be confusing. So here are I feel three videos that I would like to share that would highlight, first and foremost, the local health system, then the social determinants and finally what we can do to address inequities in health.

A Local Health System simplified

Social Determinants

Zuellig Family Foundation's Framework and Health Change Model

What do you think brings about health inequities? What can you do to address these health inequities?

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