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May 25, 2012

The Rise of Jessica Sanchez

When Philip Philips won Season 11 of the popular American Idol, fans of Jessica Sanchez, the eventual runner-up, still showed their support to the 16-year old diva and unofficially declared her the "World Idol". There can be some truth to this considering that outside the United States, Jessica Sanchez has more followers than Philip Philips. For one, The Philippines and Mexico are already rooting for Jessica, considering that she is actually Filipino-Mexican in heritage. Her mother is a pure Filipina and her father is Mexican-American. The whole world loved Jessica Sanchez. She is after all the better singer than Philip Philips. I felt that it was high time for American Idol to crown a female champion. Still, the American fans would want yet another "white guy with a guitar" to be their American Idol. Many fans were disappointed that Jessica didn't win. Just like this cute little girl when upon learning that Jessica lost cried so hard and was so mad that she was almost inconsolable.

Philip is a great singer, I agree. He also has the boy-next-door charm which he used to his advantage. I guess, singing competitions nowadays are more than just singing. Still, Jessica Sanchez is already set to fame, perhaps following the same direction as other popular first-runner-ups did like Adam Lambert or Clay Aiken. We need a diva and we haven't seen one since the days of Whitney Houston until Jessica Sanchez re-appeared on our TV sets.

Proofs of her being a true diva?

Now, tell me if that didn't stop you from breathing there for a moment. That was classic. People will talk about it. Another classic moment for TV.

For the Filipino fans, Jessica Sanchez is truly the next singing sensation.

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