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May 8, 2012

The City Of Pines, Baguio

One of the places we visited this summer was Baguio City. Dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines, it was an obvious choice to spend a weekend to escape the searing heat of Manila. We left Manila the night of Friday traveling on a hired van. By around 5:30a.m we already arrived in Baguio City. Prior to the trip, we were able to arrange with St. Louis University's Father-Rector if we could stay in the dorm of the St. Louis University Hospital. We were given 2 rooms with around 4 double-decked beds and a private bathroom.

After taking a quick nap, we then head out to find a place where we could grab some breakfast. After breakfast, we went around the city with our driver taking us around the familiar sights of the City of Pines.

I was expecting the climate to be cooler but by mid-day, the heat was almost as scorching as the heat in Manila. Of course, when you are in Baguio, one shouldn't miss buying strawberry jams and the highly recommended ones are those sold by the Good Shepherd nuns.

Baguio City celebrates some form of "Flower festival" and definitely one shouldn't miss the colorful and beautiful flowers of the place.

Baguio City is definitely beautiful but it seems modernization is already creeping in and competing with the natural beauty that has made this city popular in the first place. I do hope the people of Baguio can still preserve its natural beauty despite the increasing demand of tourists both here and abroad.

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