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April 19, 2012

Pepper Lunch

Finding a perfect place to have lunch with 2 very picky kids is a challenge. So, while "hunting" for "feeding grounds" at SM Mall of Asia, we happened to pass by Pepper Lunch. It was actually my first time to notice Pepper Lunch and since it wasn't that crowded at that time, we decided to try the food.

I ordered the Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with egg. The kids ordered Teriyaki Pepper Chicken. Seated in a comfortable couch, we waited for only a few minutes. The service was fast. The waiters were friendly. And the food was served sizzling hot.

For dessert, we tried the recommended Molten a la mode: a chocolate cake with gooey icing on top with vanilla ice cream on the side.

For a complete set of menu, you can visit their official webpage here.

The SM MOA branch is just one of many branches of Pepper Lunch. There is one in TriNoma and also one in Robinson's Ermita. There is also one at the Power Plant Mall and also at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

I am definitely recommending Pepper Lunch.

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