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April 23, 2012

Enchanting Enchanted Kingdom

One place the family can visit this summer vacation is the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Going to E.K. is very easy. On our end, we took the bus (JAC Liner) to Sta. Rosa. The Bus terminal of JAC Liner is at Buendia corner Taft. Their buses are clean and come with free Wifi. We then got off Walter Mart in Sta. Rosa where we took a tricycle (paid 40 pesos for 4 people) which brought us to E.K.

During our recent family outing at EK, we arrived at around noon. Elementary students enjoy discounts this summer. It includes a free drink and Tender Juicy hotdog. After having a quick lunch, we immediately went around the park and rode every ride we could. We left EK at around 7pm.

Enchanted Kingdom is definitely a cheap place to enjoy international-quality rides. My favorites are still the Rio Grande and the Log Jam. Try to come early to avoid long lines. On weekends, they open at 11am and closes at around 9pm.

Be sure to wear sunscreen this summer as you go around EK. It was steaming hot while we were there.

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