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March 1, 2012

Sabin Resort Hotel in Ormoc City

Last February 27, 2012, I traveled for the first time to Ormoc City. We flew in from Manila to Tacloban and we traveled a little over 2 hours to Ormoc City where we stayed in this surprisingly beautiful hotel called Sabin Resort Hotel. Ormoc City is located in the Western section of Leyte. For residents of Ormoc, the Sabin Resort Hotel, situated right along Sal's Beach, is a landmark of its own. Upon entering the reception area, one is immediately drawn to the inviting huge pool which meanders its way around the park right at the central portion of the complex. Our room is situated right at the pool side and there is an access glass door which leads directly to the pool.

Sabin Resort Hotel is ideal for events both small and large ones and there is a hall for every type of occasion. There is a hall which can accommodate 400-500 people. There are smaller conference rooms which can accommodate 30-50 people. The hall we used for our training can accommodate 100-150 people and has an open balcony with a nice view of the coast of Ormoc.

The Hotel has other amenities including restaurants and bars. It offers free wifi as well although it is only available at the reception/lobby area.

The staff are friendly and very accommodating. The food is very delicious too. My favorites are the pineapple slices for dessert. Truly the best pineapples I have tasted in my adult life.

A small park is also located right at the edge of the resort near the beach where one can just wander around to enjoy the scenic view.

Sabin Resort Hotel is a surprising find. I have never expected to see such a gem here in Ormoc. Perhaps there are still many surprises this beautiful city has to offer.

Sabin Resort Hotel has its own official website where you can get other details if you want to make reservations.

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