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March 12, 2012

Pyromusical International Competition: Fireworks Over The Mall of Asia

For the past 3 years, the SM Mall of Asia has been sponsoring the Philippine International Pyromusical Fireworks Competition. For this year, 11 countries participated in this spectacular event happening at SM MOA's By The Bay area every Saturday. Last Saturday, I finally had the chance to watch the show. It was between Australia and Canada. Next Saturday will be the last part of the competition and it will feature fireworks from Italy and the host country, The Philippines.

It was definitely a wonderful spectacle to see amazing fireworks display accompanied by heart-pounding music. During the competition between Australia and Canada, I loved Australia's fireworks better although Canada I think gets the pie for having a well-orchestrated music accompaniment.

To watch the show, you need to purchase tickets ranging from 100 pesos to 1500 pesos. To avail of seats, you can purchase a 300-pesos worth of ticket. Last Saturday they were giving away discounts (Buy one, get two) or avail of the Gold ticket for only 150 pesos (50% discount). What I did was to purchase a discounted Gold Ticket and then have it upgraded to VIP (a 150-peso save).

I am still sitting on the fence whether to watch this Saturday or not. I do want to see how the Philippine would conduct their fireworks display.

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