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March 2, 2012

Precious Palawan

If there is one place I would like to visit again, it would be Palawan. The last time I was there I was in Puerto Princesa attending the Association of Municipal Health Officers of the Philippines Annual Convention, together with other doctors from Negros Occidental. It was my first time in Palawan and in Puerto Princesa and I was really very excited. To save money, I was able to find a decent place to stay (Lola Itang's Pension House) which is right at the center of Puerto Princesa and a walking distance from the nearby malls and fast foods.

While in Palawan, I was lucky to visit the Underground River (one of the supposedly new 7 wonders of the world) and even other landmarks of Palawan.

I was able to visit the largest prison camp in the Philippines, the Iwahig. We also visited the Crocodile Farm.

One fun place we also visited was Baker's Hill. It was like stepping inside a cartoon world.

I am really hoping that I could come back to Palawan and maybe this time enjoy their popular beaches and diving sites. Something to look forward to.

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