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March 21, 2012

Missing The Ship Life

I must admit that after almost a year since I disembarked from Voyager of the Seas, I am kind of missing the life at sea. I could still remember the very first day I went aboard this very huge cruise ship while docked in Galveston, Texas. It was almost chaotic at least for me, trying to find my way inside this ship. I remember staying in a passenger's cabin for the first 2 weeks because my own crew cabin was not yet available. The first month was very hard, trying to adjust with my co-workers and the separation from family. It took me perhaps 2 months to really adjust and find my stable ground.

I had a great time working onboard the Voyager of the Seas. I would always remember Windjammer, Johnny Rockets, the mess hall and the gym(Take note that out of the 4 unforgettable places, 3 of which are food-related). Sometimes I would dream myself back in the ship, walking along the decks, giving my usual lectures in the Bar or just having a good time with the Filipino mafia during our dinner or lunch breaks. The port days are the best although I earn a lot during the sea days. I could never forget the time when we crossed the Atlantic Ocean on our way to Europe. Those 14 sea days were amazing!

Inside my clinic where the magic happens

The Buffet Table during Christmas in the mess hall

enjoying Filipino dish with the Filipino Mafia

Spin class at the Voyager Gym

Fitness A and Fitness B taking a dip after a long day's "work"

Posing at the grand staircase leading to the theater

my routine work while aboard the Voyager

Countdown to 2011. My first New Year's Celeb away from the family.

Welcoming 2011

Christmas party at the Spa

The theater where musical shows are staged

the Voyager Spa Team

It is definitely an experience worth remembering. I heard that the Voyager of the Seas will be doing an Asian cruise this summer. Hopefully, I could find an opportunity to take a cruise on the VOTS and reminisce of my fun and even hard times while working on a cruise ship.

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