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March 24, 2012

Having (More) Fun In The Philippines

Since Jimmy Sieczka's "20 reasons why I dislike The Philippines" video, many Filipinos have been divided on how to react to this viral video. It featured an American citizen living in Cebu City and giving his commentary and observation on the things he disliked about the country (or at least in Cebu City), from potholes to urinating in public places to being served warm beer. While some of his points may be true but exaggerated, Jimmy Sieczka's video should actually be taken as a constructive criticism and an eye opener for everyone, especially our public officials.

Anyway, despite this video, I still believe many foreigners, including Jimmy Sieczka himself who admitted in the video that he loves the country, enjoy their stay here in the Philippines. So, I once again searched the youtube world to gather some proofs how foreigners love to experience what it is to be Filipino at least for a day or two.

Riding the tricycle: definitely more fun

Eating Balut

Riding the Jeepney

Living the Filipino way

Beautiful Philippines

Swimming in a volcano's crater

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