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March 5, 2012

COSplay For Kids and Big Kids

I was coming out from the gym last Saturday when I saw what seemed to be a familiar character from an Anime comic book. I immediately deduced that there must be some Cosplay gathering somewhere in the mall. Either that or I was just hallucinating. True enough, when I started following him, I was led to the activity center of Robinson's Manila where a hundred more characters were gathering to attend a Cosplay event. It was like walking through the page of a comic book. Every character was there, from DC to Animax, from favorite Disney films to characters from favorite video games.

There were people from all ages, from toddlers to grown ups, all dressed in their favorite characters. I regretted having not brought a decent camera so I had to settle with my old cellphone's camera to take pictures of Cosplayers who gamely posed for anyone who would like to take their pics.

Try to see if you can identify some of these characters.

I admire how much time these people spent for their costumes. Some are really very elaborate. The make up also appeared very realistic. Parents would take their children's pictures with their favorite characters. It was a fun chaos in the mall and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. I would love to bring all of these characters to my kid's birthday party.

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