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February 21, 2012

Zee You At Ziggurat

During the socials night for the participants of the 3rd module of the Health Leaders For The Poor conducted by the Zuellig Family Foundation for leaders from the ARMM, we brought them to this place in Makati called Ziggurat. Located at Sunette Tower, Durban Street corner Makati Avenue, Ziggurat is a restaurant which serves Indian, Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is a small but cozy place which transports any customer into the Middle East or a Turkish bazaar where one sits on the cushioned floor and eats a like a princely Arab.

The inside of the restaurant can occupy at the most 30 customers not including the small upper deck which can occupy an additional 10. One can choose to eat outside the terrace section of the restaurant but I strongly suggest eating inside for you to have the feel of a Middle eastern ambiance. It was unfortunate though that during our visit there, we didn't have any Turkish or Arab music playing in the background to complete the whole Middle eastern vibe.

They have a wide range of dishes from appetizers to delicious Turkish desserts like the popular Baklava. The group was treated to a variety of curry dishes.

It is definitely a new experience which personally reminded me of my brief moment while I was in Istanbul almost a year ago. The place can be quite small for a large group but it can be quite a comfortable place for small business meetings or even informal meet ups with friends especially if you are into pita bread and dips.

Ziggurat has an official website of its own. You can visit it for more details.

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