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February 11, 2012

Travel To Calbiga and Motiong

This week, I traveled for the first time to Samar to visit two towns: Calbiga and Motiong. From Tacloban, I crossed the San Juanico Bridge and traveled first to Calbiga where, together with the team from Zuellig Family Foundation, we conducted a field visit, a training for RHU staff and a mortality review in the afternoon. I was able to converse with the Doctor and the Mayor of the town. It is a lovely laid-back 4th class municipality, home to the world's second largest cathedral-type caves. Because of the uncooperative weather, they were not able to bring us to their town's best-kept natural wonders. I did promise myself that I should come back and really visit their caves and waterfalls.

After an overnight stay in Catbalogan, I then headed to Motiong where the team did the same activities (except for the mortality review). Motiong is almost similar to Calbiga: mountainous with some coastal villages. There are many villages in the uplands, some of which are quite inaccessible. I was able to talk as well with the mayor and doctor of Motiong and both expressed strong support for health initiatives.

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