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February 16, 2012

Sights And Sounds of Jamaica

What I loved about my experiences in Jamaica is the festive music. In almost every corner, there would be a group of drum beaters or musicians playing Jamaican music, from the subtle sounds of a guitar to the loud and playful music of the drums. And when the music would start to play, random Jamaicans would start dancing in the street.

And I loved watching them dance and play their instruments. It made one want to dance as well. During my last day in Falmouth, Jamaica, I decided to take the day tour around the historic town to see more sights of Jamaica.

I was even brave enough to venture out on my own right at the downtown of Falmouth to grab some lunch and some free wifi. I did not have enough time to visit some of the beaches in Jamaica but I was content in staying in the town proper where the sight and sounds of Jamaica would mingle to perfection. Rhaatid Jamaica, man.

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