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February 5, 2012

Mixing The Old and New In Cartagena

Among the few cities I was lucky to have visited in Europe, Cartagena is one of those that I really liked. It's almost like you are walking on the borderline between the old and the new. The ship docked in Cartagena around early morning so I got off the ship and decided to walk around alone the city. I was also trying to find a decent cafe where I can grab a warm coffee for breakfast. I then found two of my Spanish friends already enjoying the sunshine of Cartagena.

We decided to walk around and visit some of the places such as shops and parks.

I then decided to go inside the museum and visit a Roman amphitheater excavated in Cartagena. Cartagena used to be occupied by the Romans (Carthage). The museum was filled with Roman artifacts.

By around lunch time, I decided to take a break from walking and grab some pasta and soft drinks. The streets were already filling up with tourists. I was able to meet some of my friends who were also walking around the city trying to find a decent place to eat.

Cartagena is definitely beautiful. I was lucky that we almost had a full day to walk around the city. I hopefully do want to come back to Cartagena.

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Jeffrey Rilles said...

Beautifulplace lalo na siguro pag gabi dun sa street sa first photo- romantic:)

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