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February 6, 2012

Missing Cozumel: Sun, Sand and Surf

I miss Cozumel. I must admit that I have made Cozumel, Mexico my second home last year when I was working abroad. How can you not love Cozumel? The weather is warm, the food is cheap and the beaches are beautiful. Every week, the ship would dock in Cozumel and I would have barely 6 hours or so to enjoy my favorite quesadillas at Noname Bar, skype back home and even enjoy the sights at the beach.

During the Tom Joyner cruise, we had a chance to stay overnight in Cozumel. So along with some of my friends, we decided to rent a jeep and drive around the island, beach-hoping.

Every week, I would also do my grocery in Cozumel since it is cheaper than Wal-mart in Galveston, Texas. Right across the Mega-mart is a beach resort which most of the crew of the ships would hang out. It has free wifi and has a pool. For food, there are many options. There are at least two Filipino restaurants in Cozumel and two Chinese restaurants if you are into Asian food. Of course, Mexican dishes are served everywhere.

Of course, you can't leave Mexico without a tan, a snapshot of the Mariachi singers and even some cheap shirts. It was in Cozumel where I had the rare opportunity to swim and play with dolphins. It was really an exciting experience. How I wish I can go back to Cozumel.

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