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February 8, 2012

Hotel Alejandro: Tribute To The Fall And Rise of Leyte

It was my first time to stay in Hotel Alejandro here in Tacloban, the capital city of Leyte. Leyte island is historical considering the role it played during the World War II. It was in Palo, Leyte when General Douglas McArthur fulfilled his promise of "I Shall Return". When the Americans finally landed in Leyte and were able to defeat the Japanese, Tacloban City became the temporary seat of government of the Philippines. President Sergio Osmena landed with Gen. McArthur that fateful day of October 1944.

Hotel Alejandro was formerly the house owned by Dr. Alejandro Montejo which was later converted by his heirs into a museum. It has survived the troubled years of the Japanese Occupation and housed many refugees who returned to Tacloban after the war.

What is very nice about the hotel is the prized collection of war memorabilias and pictures. It is like a museum inside a hotel or a hotel inside a museum. Pictures of the Liberation of Leyte, Japanese Occupation of Tacloban and portraits of soldiers from both the American and Japanese sides dominate the entrance and lobbies of the hotel. For students of history, this place provides more than just comfort.

It is located along P. Paterno Street in Tacloban City. It has function rooms for all types of occasions. All rooms have air conditioning, cable TV, phone and hot and cold shower. On the ground floor of the hotel is Cafe Teresa which serves Filipino, Spanish and American dishes. Price range of rooms is from 990 to 1600 pesos.

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