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February 20, 2012

Cakes: From Calea's To Cafe Bob's

Last Saturday seemed to be a sinful day especially for someone who is on a regimen of reducing weight and staying fit. It was cakes day and it started at Calea's along Lacson street in Bacolod City when I met with the U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines together with the SEAYLP - Philippines 2010 and some U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers. It was my first time to be in the new Calea which is right across L'Fisher Hotel. The place was packed with people, Negrenses and Bacolodnon's trying to satisfy their craving for sweets.

During the "Russian roulette" of cakes, I happened to be given an Angel Cake, perhaps one the best Angel cakes I had. I usually prefer chocolate cakes but that Angel cake I had last Saturday in Calea was actually not bad at all. We talked about a lot of things over these sweet indulgences: from work to school and even to Lin-sanity. One light moment I had with the Ambassador was when he asked me what school I was affiliated and when I told them I was the escort officer of the SEAYLP students who were mostly Lasallians, he said, "So that's probably why you are wearing green. Well, I was taught by the Jesuits so..." We both laughed. The Jesuits run the Ateneo which is supposedly a sports rival of La Salle.

After the meeting with the Ambassador, I spent time with the family, had dinner at Bar 21 which is around 5-minutes car ride from L'fisher. After dinner, we headed right across the street to Cafe Bob's where we ordered another round of cakes.

We ordered one slice of Red Velvet cake and a Nuna Chocolate cake (can' really recall what the name was but it was chocolate). Quite a handful of people were inside Cafe Bob's. It is quite unusual for a Saturday evening. Usually, a lot of people would already be in Cafe Bob's sipping coffee while browsing through their laptops. For that particular time though there was not even enough cars parked outside Cafe Bob's.

Still, I would prefer a laid back place especially if I want to enjoy either a piece of cake or a mug of hot chocolate.

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