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February 14, 2012

Ah, Ragay!

It was my first time to go to Naga City, en route to a town called Ragay. It is a coastal town with some upland villages. We arrived in rainy Naga on a Tuesday via plane. We checked in at CBD Hotel which is strategically located in front of a bus terminal and some walking distance from SM City Naga. That evening, we had dinner with the Mayor and his wife at Molino Grill located in the food strip in Naga City. The following day we traveled to Ragay (about an hour of travel) with the Mayor and his wife. Upon arriving, we immediately headed to the SK Hall where the rest of the RHU staff were waiting for our training.

After lunch, we headed to two barangays after visiting the Main Health Center of Ragay. It has a birthing center fully equipped with delivery tables, hospital beds and equipment.

After a long day, we were brought to the house of the former mayor where we stayed for the night. We had dinner in the Mayor's house which is actually not far from the SK Hall. The following day, we conducted our mortality review and even live-streamed it through Ustream since I was able to get some free wi-fi from the Mayor's House.

We left Ragay and was brought to CamSur Watersports Complex in Naga where we stayed for the night. If only I brought my shorts, I would have had tried wakeboarding in this popular resort.

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