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January 6, 2012

More Slogans For The Philippines

A few minutes ago I read a link from tweeter that the new slogan of the Philippine Department of Tourism which is, "It's More Fun In the Philippines" is not the first. In 1951, Switzerland had the same slogan. Perhaps it was just a pure coincidence that our present-day thinkers in the Tourism department decided to use a tag-line utilized by a country ages ago. Or maybe they have been running out of tag-lines to use that reviving old tag lines would be the best and easy option. Still, the present slogan is far better than the "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" slogan.

Surfing the web, I was able to come across a website called SloganMaker which helps you create a slogan out of a word or phrase. Simply type the word e.g. The Philippines, click the "Make A Slogan" button and a slogan will be suggested to you. You can re-click if you don't like the suggested slogan to re-create a new one.

So, I typed the name "The Philippines" and here are some of the slogans that the website suggested to me. Choose your pick

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