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January 10, 2012

An Invitation To Student Leaders

This is a repost from the SEAYLP Philippines 2010 blogsite

Six Filipino students and 1 Filipino teacher, all coming from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, represented the entire Philippines last April 2010 during the first ever Southeast Asian Youth Leadership training Program held at the Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, USA. Known as Team Aguila, the members of the first Philippine delegation are: Dr. Bien Nillos (Adult Leader), Alexandra Soledad, Bea Laino, Edcel Brix Tejare, John Floyd Abrico, Jorge Coscolluela and Nobelle Escalona.

In 2010, Team Aguila conducted its first reach out program by conducting an After School Program for street children located at the Public Plaza of Bacolod City. By the end of the year, Team Aguila, in collaboration with other school-based organizations like the University of Saint La Salle Pre-Med Society, distributed slippers and school supplies to the street children.

For 2012, Team Aguila desires to encourage fellow student leaders to make a difference in their own communities and schools. After receiving a small grant from the U.S. State Department in 2011, Team Aguila sets its eye on high school students studying in far-flung public and private schools outside of Bacolod City who exhibit leadership qualities. It is the goal of Team Aguila to “pay it forward” and share their U.S. experience to their fellow student leaders, especially those residing in far-flung areas and who may not have the opportunity to be exposed in leadership trainings abroad.

Leadership Training

The Aguila Leadership Training 2012 is a 4-day training course for high school students and their teacher advisers. During the entire 4-day course, participants will be taught leadership skills and personal mastery. After the 4-day course, participants are expected to initiate and implement a school-based project that will be monitored by Team Aguila for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, the school with the best and most successful implementation of a school-based project will be awarded a small financial grant which the school can use to further sustain their school-based project.

The following are the schedule of phases for the Aguila Leadership Training:

Phase 1: Selection of Participants
Phase 2: Aguila Leadership Training (4 day course)
Phase 3: First Monitoring of School-Based Project (6 months after the leadership course)
Phase 4: Final Monitoring of School-Based Project (12 months after the leadership course)
Phase 5: Selection and Awarding of Outstanding School-Based Project

Selection of Participants:

Only 6 schools will be chosen to participate in the first batch of the Aguila Leadership Training. A selection committee will select from the applicants the 6 school participants. In order to apply, the following are the requirements:

1. Letter of Intent from the school principal or teacher-in-charge addressed to the SEAYLP-Philippines Bacolod.
2. Letter of Nomination from the school principal or teacher-in-charge – nominating 2 students from their school and 1 teacher adviser who will represent their school; letter of nomination must explain why the school chose the said students and teacher as their representatives.
3. Accomplished Forms (see attached forms). Attached in the forms are also 2x2 I.D. pictures of the nominees.

Qualifications of Student Participants:

1. The school can nominate a maximum of only 2 bonafide high school students: one male and one female.
2. One student must be a first-year student (SY 2011-2012) and one must be a 3rd year student (SY 2011-2012).
3. Student must be at least satisfactory in his/her academics and must exhibit leadership qualities. He or she must preferably be an active member or leader of a school-based organization.
4. Student must have good communication skills especially in English, willing to participate in a 4-day course, open to new learning and experiences, physically and mentally fit.
5. Student must be willing to commit to a year-long school-based project that he or she will implement after the 4-day leadership training.

Qualifications of the Teacher Participant:

1. The school must nominate one teacher only who will act as teacher-adviser to the 2 student participants and also their chaperone during the 4-day leadership training.
2. Teacher must be a regular teacher in the school, preferably a teacher who is a club moderator in one of the organizations/clubs in the school.
3. Teacher must not be more than 45 years old.
4. Teacher must be willing to participate in the 4-day course and willing to commit to a year-long school-based project that he or she will supervise and monitor after the 4-day leadership training.
5. Teacher must also show leadership qualities, willing to be responsible for the 2 student participants during the entire duration of the Aguila Leadership Program, open to new learning and experiences, physically and mentally fit.
If selected, the school will receive information pertaining to details on the leadership training (venue, dates and other requirements). Food and Lodging will be provided throughout the entire 4-day live-in course, including training kits and materials. The school however must shoulder the travel expenses of the participants, including the per diem expenses of the teacher participant if applicable. It is also the responsibility of the school to get the parental consent for the students if they are minors.

In order to be selected, the requirements must be sent before January 30, 2012. It can be sent via email to or (scanned copies). Incomplete requirements will not be included in the selection committee.

Please be informed as well that the leadership training will be scheduled in April 2012, most likely at the start of the Summer Vacation, so make sure that your nominated students and teacher are willing and properly informed.

Announcement of the results of the selection will be done preferably 2 weeks after the deadline for the requirements. Late submission of requirements will not be considered.

School-Based Project Grant:

If selected, your school can potentially receive a small financial grant from the SEAYLP-Philippines Bacolod thanks to the financial support of the U.S. State Department. It is required that after the 4-day training course, your participants must be able to plan and implement a school-based project that will benefit the school and even the community outside the school. The school-based project will be monitored by SEAYLP-Philippines Bacolod in12 months and will be assessed based on certain criteria. The most outstanding school-based project will be awarded a financial grant during a simple awarding ceremony.

The school will also be featured in a proposed book that will highlight the success stories of each of the school participants. The book is proposed to be published by the earlier part of 2013 and will be sent to the U.S. State Department.

For more details about SEAYLP-Philippines 2010, visit their blogsite here.

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