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December 19, 2011

To Party Or Not To Party?

The local news are a buzz today when it was confirmed that the Philippine president was out partying with his security the night after Typhoon Sendong hit and devastated Cagayan de Oro and Iligan and the rest of Mindanao and even Southern Negros. ABS-CBN reports that "President Benigno Aquino III partied with the Presidential Security Group on Sunday night, an action that did not sit well with some users of social media sites". His PR team scrambled to "sanitize" what is seemingly a worse scenario for any public relations officer. Talk about insensitivity. First of all, PNoy was already criticized when he opted to delay his visit to the hard hit areas 2 days after Christmas. When they finally decided to come early (Tuesday Dec. 20, 2011), another headlines grabbed the spotlight when PNoy was again seen partying Sunday night. The first to "announce" the news was showbiz personality Valerie Concepcion when she twitted how the president enjoyed her jokes during the party in Malacanang.

This morning, the media began trying to confirm whether or not PNoy indeed went out to party last night. His cabinet members said he did. MLQIII, his communications undersecretary initially said that PNoy was only there for 30 minutes upon the insistence of the PSG. Sec. Coloma later said that PNoy was there for 2 hours (not 30 minutes) but later retracted saying that he was wrong and that MLQ3 was right.

I don't want to pass moral judgment here for I am not God. In my opinion though, PNoy should have been more "extra" sensitive. Question: if this were Gloria Arroyo partying after Ondoy or Sendong, what would be our reaction?

If that is the case, it would then be natural for us to have the same reaction here.

So, while PNoy was out partying (while supposedly "monitoring the situation"), just in case he was not really monitoring, this is what is happening in CDO and Iligan and elsewhere that were hit by Sendong.

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