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December 21, 2011

Holy Rumors Now Confirmed: Blessed Pedro Calungsod To Become Saint

Finally, after weeks of circulating rumors that Blessed Pedro Calungsod would be elevated into Sainthood, the Vatican has finally announced that Blessed Pedro Calungsod will be canonized by Pope Benedict XVI. What a blessed blessed surprise and a perfect gift by the Church to the Filipino faithful. What perfect timing as well. After the onslaught of Typhoon Sendong, the Universal Church seems to be telling us Filipinos to hold on and keep the faith by adding yet another martyr in the list of saints in the Church. Once canonized, Blessed Pedro Calungsod will be the second Filipino saint and the first saint coming from the Visayas.

Here's the quote from the Website The Manila Paper regarding this wonderful news:
"The Vatican has announced today that Blessed Pedro Calungsod will become Saint Pedro Calungsod. The Vatican said Pedro Calungsod, along with six others, will be canonized as a saint for the Roman Catholic Church after Pope Benedict XVI approved the promulgation of decrees for canonization.
One requirement for sainthood is proof of a miracle attributed to the candidate for sainthood. According to the Vatican, the Pope recognized the miracle attributed to Blessed Pedro Calungsd. The authorized miracle was dated from 2002, where a woman who was clinically pronounced dead by accredited physicians for two hours after a coronary heart attack was allegedly brought back to life through the intercession of Pedro Calungsod.
After his canonization, Blessed Pedro Calungsod will become the second saint of the Philippines. In 1987, Pope John Paul II canonized Saint Lorenzo Ruiz.
Blessed Pedro Calungsod was killed in Guam in 1672 while doing missionary work. Together with Blessed Diego San Vitores, Pedro Calungsod converted many Chamorros through baptism. However, a plot to kill them was started after rumors circulated that Calungsod and San Vitores were spreading poison through baptism. The two were caught and killed.
No date for the canonization has been released" - The Manila Paper

Other Blessed to be canonized with Bl. Pedro Calungsod are Blessed Jacques Berthieu, French martyr and priest of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) (1838-1896), Blessed Maria del Carmen (born Maria Salles y Barangueras), Spanish foundress of the Conceptionist Missionary Sisters of Teaching (1848-1911); Blessed Maria Anna Cope, nee Barbara, German religious of the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis in Syracuse U.S.A. (1838-1918), Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, American laywoman (1656-1680)and Blessed Anna Schaffer, German laywoman (1882-1925).

No dates have been set yet for the canonization. I do hope this will give Pope Benedict his opportunity to visit the Philippines and strengthen the flock and canonize Pedro Calungsod right here in the Philippines, preferably in Cebu or Jaro, Iloilo.

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